Saturday, January 2, 2010

Red Scorpions vs. Nurgle

Red Scorpions vs. Nurlge - Draw

I played 2 games in our Escalation League tonight at Mind Games. The first was against a friend playing his Nurgle army. My snipers were very worth their points and did alot of damage including imobilizing both Nurgle rhinos. Then my Techmarine was able to wipe out one squad in hand to hand along with my devastator squad. The game was objectice based and ended on turn 7 in a draw with each of us holding one objective.

The Red Scorpions
1x5 Scout Squad
1x6 Scout Sniper Squad
Land Speeder Storm
1x10 Devastator Squad

Red Scorpions vs. Nurgle - Draw

The next game was against a younger kid in the store. He played his Nurgle including 2 Obliterators but to no extent. By turn 5 we each help one objective in yet another objective scenario and since the store closed in 5 min we called it a draw for adding points to our faction sides within the Escalation League.

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