Thursday, April 26, 2012

Trash Kicking Studios is Kicking off is first Contest!

Here at the studio we have been hard to work creating good, useful bases for the hobby. But we want to see yours! In the next few days, we are gonna post pictures of the armies we are making here. So start get everyone going we have a contest for you!

Contest Entries: Paint a complete unit on OUR BASES from any Army any unit. Fantasy,40k, elites, fast attack we don't care. The Best Entry will be judged and we are gonna hook you up with a complete armies amount of bases!

Just email  us your Pics at and be sure to keep checking the Blog we will post every Friday.

Contest Entries Must Be Received by May 30th at Midnight!!!


  1. so when you say complete unit that means HQ's count?

  2. yep HQs count, all any any unit that fills the min model count in the codex its chosen from.