Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mars Attacks!

So its not worth a whole new post so i just updated my last one. I was able to get a little work done tonight. Almost completed my Mechanicum robot thingy and did some remodelling of some terrain projects i have had in the works for a few years lol. All in all I have a lot on my table right now.

Just seconds before I took this picture, a giant yeti stormed my kitchen and smashed them out of my hand. I watched in horror as both my kitchen and my Thallax exploded in chunks. Of course this is all because I have butter fingers and 4 months in a cast is showing. I was able to put them back together as you can see and they dont look too bad for humpty dumpty syndrome.


  1. Nice, are you going to varnish the face plates or leave them matt ?

    ps. watch out for yetis, they'll leave footprints in your butter...

  2. Shane about the drop but it looks like it's still worked out. These are some cracking minis.

  3. Im not sure about the varnish I actually thought about it all last night. Vote time i guess. yes varnish or no varnish

  4. Definitely varnish. helps add that sinister non human element to the mini.