Sunday, February 17, 2013

Clearing the Shelf with eBAY

Painted Ravenwing Army

1 Sammeal
1 Chaplain on a bike
3 attack bikes
3 land speeders
3x6 raven wing bike squads (including an apothocary and a banner)

Up for auction is my Imperial Guard and Chaso Space Marines force. This army cost over $500.00 and that doesnt include the man hours/labor costs to paint the army.

It includes:

1 chimera
1 leman Russ
1 Death Strike Missile

10 close combat cultists converted to use as penal legion
70 auto gun cultists in 2 squads of 35 (not all shown in picture)

1 dark vengeance Set;

1 commissar
1x6 chosen space marines
1 chaos lord
1 hellbrute

2 built forgeworld traitor guard bodies
9 more forgeworld traitor guard torsos to finish the veteran squad conversion
1 forgeworld hellblade used as a stand in for the hell drake dragon model.

resin bases

international shipping is based on buyer location

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