Monday, February 4, 2013

XM3 Leman Russ Project

Hey guys im thinking about adding a squadron of unique russ to my army for fun and wanted your guys take on my design sketch so far. Its inspired by the M3 grant or lee. I know its not the greatest tank but i love the look of it. It would be a simple battle cannon leman russ with a single lascannon on the turret and hull mounted battle cannon. Please let me know what you guys think maybe if anyone else has done similar let me know thanks guys.


  1. Makes absolute sense. Go for it. I notice you have Chimera track sections on there. You might want to contemplate what your LR side, Chimera bodied hybrids are going to be like...

  2. Interesting! I like the sound of that, and the sketch definitely looks doable. Looking forward to seeing it come together!