Friday, January 29, 2016

Sanctus Reach: Flight of the Dragoons - Mission 1.1

Imperial Forces:0

The opening salvo of Ork rocks that shook the planet, unloading the massive first wave of Orks was devastating. Crippling Imperial Guard Forward Operating Bases around the main continent. 

Captain Graviel Creed was just one of the many, his location was struck just moments earlier then any other outpost, sending out orders and distress calls in time to be heard.

Hundreds of miles away at the main Imperial Navy Field the low hum of Valkyerie engines whine as they spool up to throttle. The tarmac explodes into life as a QRF comprised of Brimlock Dragoons mobilize to answer the calls of distress from the Ork assault. While the Dragoons mount an armoured column relief force to aid in the tactical withdrawal of Cadian forces from near by FOBs, they lauch an airbourne recon element to provide ears and eyes for the armour to follow.

Golddigger 1-1 &1-2 touch down at LZ Dragoon.

Recon elements discover a traitor Imperial officer working with the Ork forces.

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