Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sanctus Reach; The Red Waaagh!

Come follow us as a bunch of friends battle it out for the System.

88th Cadian;The primary Cadian regiment, known as a Shock Trooper regiment, is a combined-arms force which integrates a mixture of arms and equipment, from artillery to heavy armour, although other more dedicated types of regiments exist as well, including armoured, artillery, mechanised and reconassaince. Cadian regiments are organized around a core of companies, anywhere from two to thirty depending on a variety of factors when it was raised; for example the Cadian 91st, raised in response to the 13th Black Crusade, numbered ten companies and was considered a small Cadian unit, while the storied Cadian 8th numbered twenty-four. Infantry companies, normally between one to four hundred men each, are led by a command squad and consists of between two to six platoons, as well as any additional support units attached to the company, such as a squadron of Sentinels and a Sentry Gun battery. Each platoon will be led by its own command squad and consist of between two to six squads. Normal infantry squads are given a unique three-digit identifier, while command squads use a two-digit number with a central skull motif; special veteran or Kasrkin squads use a three-digit number beginning with one or two zeros. In some infantry regiments, the heavy weapons and infantry are segregated, in which case every fourth company is a dedicated Heavy Weapons Company, while in others they are intermixed, such as one heavy weapons platoon per company or one heavy weapons squad per platoon. Armoured companies are typically composed of three squadrons of three vehicles and a command vehicle. Super-heavy tank companies are composed of four vehicles. However, the sizes of each unit is not fixed in place and can change drastically in times of war, a necessary feature inherit in the flexible command structure.  TO&E of the 114th Cadian (Mechanized) In addition to its core units, support formations can be attached to the regiment to give it additional capabilities: when the 114th Cadian Regiment deployed.

Brimlock Dragoons are organized not in squadrons or troops like cavalry, but in companies similar to infantry regiments. Officers and non-commissioned officers bear infantry ranks. Dragoon is the traditional name for a soldier trained to fight on foot but who transports himself on horseback, or in the case of the Brimlock Dragoons, Chimeras. Regiments borne from Brimlock have large numbers of Armoured Fist squadrons.

The White Warden; once the Noble Neru Degallio was the ruler of House Degallio. His Knight, the White Warden, was a symbol of the power and influence of his extended family. All of that was lost when the Red Waaagh! descended upon his planet. As the most powerful knightly house on Alaric Prime, it fell to Degallio to weather the brunt of the fighting, and of all the house’s Knights and Nobles, Neru alone survived the fierce fighting. In the wake of this Pyrrhic victory, the lord of House Degallio found himself made a scapegoat by lesser houses seeking political gains. After the mysterious disappearance of his consort, Neru turned Freeblade, taking the name of his Knight and leaving Alaric Prime far behind. Since that time, the White Warden has fought countless enemies of the Imperium, each time proving himself a lethal warrior and a canny tactician.

House Degallio has a long and proud history of seafaring. Once, its steamships were little more than ugly hulks that conveyed the criminal elements of Alaric Prime to incarceration upon the volcanic hellscape of Isle Ignivitch. Since it opened a sideline in oceanic trade, the house has grown considerably in influence and wealth. At the house’s inception, it had but one solitary Knight active, known as the White Warden. By the time its trade routes were fully established across Alaric Prime, its seaborne sacristies held several dozen Knights, each a warrior of great repute. Even the mightiest battle steamer of Lord Neru’s fleet is a mere tug beside the fusion-powered superstructure known as Isle Degallio. Originally a mobile conglomeration of prison hulks, Isle Degallio has become far more than a conjoined fleet. Over the centuries, layers of sea-mulch and captured turf have laid strata of organic matter over the adamantium stanchions of its foundations. It has come to resemble nothing less than a small landmass that roams the oceans of Alaric Prime under its own power.

Krieg; The 24th Combat Engineer Battalion was activated in order to support the 2nd Krieg Marine Brigade. With existing Company A and the activation of the Headquarters and Service Company, Companies B and C were then organized. The battalion was assigned to Division Special Troops of the 2nd Krieg Marine Division.   The 24th Engineer Battalion was relocated to Camp Elliot, Krieg. From here, engineers from Company A embarked for Taros, and participated in the landing during that campaign. 24th Engineer Battalion was redesignated as "9th Battalion, 24th Krieg Marines". During Vraks, the engineers of 24th Krieg Marines participated in Campaigns and major operations throughout the whole conflict. This will be their first deployment to the Sanctus System, Alaric Prime.

The Freebooterz forsake their previous Clan and tribal allegiances and usually wear a distinctive style of dress to emphasise this, often decorating themselves with ear and nose rings, Jolly Ork symbols and flamboyant clothing. As Freebooterz often don't have access to Painboyz or Mekboyz; their injuries frequently have to be patched up in a temporary manner, thus many Freebooterz sport eyepatches, peg-legs or hook hands. Freebooter bands are often led by a Kaptin, these individuals are even tougher, more ruthless and foul tempered than the rest of their brethren and are usually even more ostentatiously attired, frequently favouring large hats and voluminous coats in which they conceal numerous weapons and flasks of fungus rum.

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