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Coming Soon!

Follow the exploits of Sabre Squadron over the skies of Xaisdra IX. As players battle out the Xaisdra IX campaign at our local game store; watch the action unfold in a unique comic book format!!!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More Eldar

Wraith Blades and Hemlock Fighters

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Mk 86 Attack Sabre

The Mk 86 "Attack Sabre" entered service with the Yaisdra IX PDF Air Force joining the 1st Fighter Wing's 94th Fighter Squadron and became the primary jet fighter used by the Imperial forces before the introduction of Lightnings by the Krieg Marine Expedionary Unit during the Yaisdra IX insurgency and invasion. While earlier straight-winged jets such as the Mk 80 and Mk 84 initially achieved air victories, when the swept wing Orc Dakka jets and Bommers were introduced in the begining of the conflict they immediately outperformed all current Imperial PDF aircraft. In response, three squadrons of Mk 86s were rushed to the front line. Early variants of the Mk 86 could not out turn, but they could out dive the Dakka jets and although the Dakka jet was superior to the early Mk 86 models in ceiling, acceleration, rate of climb and zoom. The introduction of the Mk 86-b in later months made the two aircraft more closely matched, with many combat-experienced pilots claiming a marginal superiority for the Mk 86-b.

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