Wednesday, June 29, 2016

And now for something completely different!

I woke up one morning to a friend of mine pleading with me to try Warmachine from Privateer Press. I haven't played in years, maybe over a decade.Let me put it this way there were still 2 towers in New York. Well I wasn't up for it BUT I had been looking for an excuse to paint up some Trollbloods from the Hordes range. Problem solved.

It just so happens that today is the day that Privateer Press launches its new MK3 version of the game. Go check it out here if your interested  with all that said my friends and I have been building and painting like crazy and even snuck in some learner games too. Enjoy!

While looking pretty, they still got their trash kicked!

Said trash kickers!

Little work bench sneak peak, or kitchen bench!