Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ragnarok Mk II

Finished my Mk II Ragnarok tank. It upgraded from the previous MkI including a larger chassis and swapped out the battle cannon for a Vanquisher gun.

22nd Rifles Being Redesignated

My 22nd have been running as a light foot regiment for just over a year now. After hours of consideration I have decided to transform the 22nd(Li) into the 22nd(ARi) or Armoured Rifle Infantry unit. My Dog company tanks have been bit out and sold to make way for the new replacements of Leman Russ Vanquishers MkIII Mars Alpha Pattern. The new designation brings with it name changes and force organization reconsidered. The new Rifles will consist of:

Able Troop:

1 Full Infantry Platoon with Supporting Chimeras
2 Veteran Sections with Chimeras as Forward Scouts

3 Banewolfs Anti Tank Platoon
3 Centaur Sentinals

Fox Troop:

1st Platoon
Commander Pask in Ragnarok MKII Vanquisher Vostroya Pattern
2 Leman Russ Vanquishers

2nd Platoon
3 Leman Russ Vanquishers

3rd Platoon
3 Leman Russ Demolishers with Variable Weapons

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Operation Desert Sabre

Operation Desert Sabre - Tank Fight
Location - Utah, Salt Lake City Valley
Date - To be Determined

A few of us are putting together a game that will be played out side on the dirt ("hope you dont mind a little dust on those figs.") The game is in its early stages of development but its goal is to bring some gamers together for a good game some BBQ and drinks and enjoy some good welcomed warm weather.

Apoc - Rules.
Models with an Armour Value are the ONLY allowed models.
Tanks MUST be painted.
Vehicle movement chart will be doubled due to the playing area being roughly 20' x20'

We will essentially split into teams depending on the point turn up and amout of players (1vs1 Teams or 1vs1vs1 teams) I will be bringing the BBQ and cooking. Also I will put together a small campaign book afterwards with pictures a battle report and some custom event decals for each faction/race in the game. Then we simply sit back play the game eat and drink and have a good time. Please post comments to this article if yuor interested and roughly how many points you think you might bring as well as the faction you would play one so we can get some rough numbers.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Alpha Troop, 2nd Platoon



Apocalypse March 6th

Mission: Secure Lost City
Forces: Imperium vs. Chaos
Size: 9k (roughly)

The Lost City lies in the center valley. The forces of Chaos and Tyranid foaming.

The Dark Angels lead and command the Imperium forces assisted by the Blood Angels.

The Ultramarines show up to ease the pressure as Eldar desend to ally Chaos.

Although the fighting is fierce, both the Blood Angel and Ultramarine task forces fall to the forces of Chaos. The primary mission of the Imperium to secure the lost city is now impossible. The Dark Angels now focus on a new objective the destruction of the Chaos titan.
With the Titan having no weapons left, completely immobilized and only 4 structure points left. The Dark Angels Task Force 58 makes a fighting retreat as Chaos pour into the lost city.
Task Force 58 Survivors.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Officer of the Fleet and her Bodyguard

Officer of the Fleet and Bodyguard.

Captain Lucia
Ship: HMS Prince Vostroya
Status: Keel Laid

Saturday, January 16, 2010

1000pt Tournament!!!

Just a simple 1000pt Tournament at my local store.
Red Scorpions - 1W-2L

Master of the Forge
1x5 Legion of the Damned
1x5 Tactical Squad w/ Rhino
1x5 Scouts
1x6 Scout Snipers
Land Speeder Storm
Devastator Squad
Thunderfire Cannon

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Storm Speeder Down!

Storm Speeder Down! - Red Scorpions

Played against my roommate last night and his roles were awesome! He played the usual 22nd Vostroyan and took turn 1. By the end of his turn his mortars and Master of Ordinance had killed my thunderfire cannon 3 scout snipers and my land speeder storm. He tabled me so fast it was a fun game but devastating.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

3 Games of Escalation Force League

My Scout Snipers were well worth their points, killing not only a Terminator and a Tactical Marine but also ended up delivering the killing shots to the Librarian.

Red Scorpions vs Eldar - Loss
The game against the Eldar was a massive defeat, my opponent ran all jet bikes and shining spears. They were able to kill my thunderfire cannon and my Techmarine along with 10 other scouts right off the bat. Infact I wasn't really able to get any wounds on him until the legion of the damned showed up, while they killed a few it was futile with how many shots were fired at me, thus ending in a sad defeat for my Red Scorpions.
Red Scorpions vs 22nd Vostroyan Rifles - Draw
My roommate and I played our first Escalation League game against each other, me as the Red Scorpions and him as my 22nd Vostroyans. It was a pretty good slug fest between my speeder and snipers and his mortars. In the end we each held one objective point and had both contested the center point.
Red Scorpions vs Space Marines - Draw
This game was very small due to the 500pt limit. But incredibly bloody lasting 7 turns and killing almost every model on each others team. But my scouts were able to hold a point with their weapon destroyed land speeder storm by the last turn and since we both held one we called it a night after much blood shed.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Red Scorpions vs. Nurgle

Red Scorpions vs. Nurlge - Draw

I played 2 games in our Escalation League tonight at Mind Games. The first was against a friend playing his Nurgle army. My snipers were very worth their points and did alot of damage including imobilizing both Nurgle rhinos. Then my Techmarine was able to wipe out one squad in hand to hand along with my devastator squad. The game was objectice based and ended on turn 7 in a draw with each of us holding one objective.

The Red Scorpions
1x5 Scout Squad
1x6 Scout Sniper Squad
Land Speeder Storm
1x10 Devastator Squad

Red Scorpions vs. Nurgle - Draw

The next game was against a younger kid in the store. He played his Nurgle including 2 Obliterators but to no extent. By turn 5 we each help one objective in yet another objective scenario and since the store closed in 5 min we called it a draw for adding points to our faction sides within the Escalation League.

Friday, January 1, 2010

First Game of 2010 - The Red Scorpions

Red Scorpions vs. Guard - Loss

The local store Mind Games is running a 500 pt escalation league that will progress to a final point value of around 2k at the end of the year. I played tonight with my Red Scorpions, using the standard Space Marine Codex. I played against a guard player in an annihilation scenario. Sadly the final score was 2-0 Guard.
The 5 turn game played out with the Red Scorpions killing 99% of each of his squads but not after he had taken down my Land Speeder Storm and Company Captain Aineas which gave him 2 points. I am not sure how other places run it but Mind Games runs the points so if you kill one complete unit you get a point. Since I killed all three of his veteran squads minus the sergeants which had gone to ground in ruins, I was not able to secure any points.

Red Scorpions.
Company Captain Aineas
1x5 Scout Squad
1x6 Scout Sniper Squad
Land Speeder Storm
1x10 Devastators

Enemy Guard.
2x10 Veteran Squads w/ 3 Plasma
1x5 Stormtroopers