Wednesday, January 13, 2010

3 Games of Escalation Force League

My Scout Snipers were well worth their points, killing not only a Terminator and a Tactical Marine but also ended up delivering the killing shots to the Librarian.

Red Scorpions vs Eldar - Loss
The game against the Eldar was a massive defeat, my opponent ran all jet bikes and shining spears. They were able to kill my thunderfire cannon and my Techmarine along with 10 other scouts right off the bat. Infact I wasn't really able to get any wounds on him until the legion of the damned showed up, while they killed a few it was futile with how many shots were fired at me, thus ending in a sad defeat for my Red Scorpions.
Red Scorpions vs 22nd Vostroyan Rifles - Draw
My roommate and I played our first Escalation League game against each other, me as the Red Scorpions and him as my 22nd Vostroyans. It was a pretty good slug fest between my speeder and snipers and his mortars. In the end we each held one objective point and had both contested the center point.
Red Scorpions vs Space Marines - Draw
This game was very small due to the 500pt limit. But incredibly bloody lasting 7 turns and killing almost every model on each others team. But my scouts were able to hold a point with their weapon destroyed land speeder storm by the last turn and since we both held one we called it a night after much blood shed.

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