Friday, January 1, 2010

First Game of 2010 - The Red Scorpions

Red Scorpions vs. Guard - Loss

The local store Mind Games is running a 500 pt escalation league that will progress to a final point value of around 2k at the end of the year. I played tonight with my Red Scorpions, using the standard Space Marine Codex. I played against a guard player in an annihilation scenario. Sadly the final score was 2-0 Guard.
The 5 turn game played out with the Red Scorpions killing 99% of each of his squads but not after he had taken down my Land Speeder Storm and Company Captain Aineas which gave him 2 points. I am not sure how other places run it but Mind Games runs the points so if you kill one complete unit you get a point. Since I killed all three of his veteran squads minus the sergeants which had gone to ground in ruins, I was not able to secure any points.

Red Scorpions.
Company Captain Aineas
1x5 Scout Squad
1x6 Scout Sniper Squad
Land Speeder Storm
1x10 Devastators

Enemy Guard.
2x10 Veteran Squads w/ 3 Plasma
1x5 Stormtroopers

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