Sunday, May 29, 2016

Lightning Strikes!...............and the Hammers appear.

My buddy brought in his Hammer of Sigmar Stormcast, our whole group of friends have been on an Age of Sigmar kick lately. So I talked him into bringing them in and finishing up his last 2 Draconian cavalry models. They look great!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Crimson Slaughter set a course................Pandorax Prelude

The Pandorax system had come under siege. The forces of chaos led by Kranon the Relentless of the Crimson Slaughter had brought war to the system. His blood thirsty chapter had poured through the system spilling blood and causing strife, all in the name of Khorne. 

The futile attempt by an under equipped Imperial Guard has only fed the blood tide. Colonel Strike of the 183rd Catachan stranded on the besieged planet of Pythos has held out as long as he could. His forces now lay in shambles, his communication dangerously close to be severed by chaos forces. 

Colonel Strike's only hope of survival is the Imperial Navy. Stationed in the Pandorax sector when Kranon invaded, Task Force Solaris is the only Imperial force that can stem the tide of blood. It's commander Admiral Kranswar has his orders to assume a blockade and hold out until reinforcements arrive, but he has another plan entirely. 

Now the Chaos fleet Chariots of Slaughter, commanded by Lord Severin Drask has made their presence known. Supporting Kranon and his Chaos forces landing on Pythos.  

Whole star systems have died at the hands of Severin Drask. Cunning and cruel beyond measure, Drask possesses incredible psychic might, and is all too ready to turn it upon those who stand in his way. Lord Drask is one of the most dangerous heretics in the galaxy, a lunatic who has murdered billions. 

Now Admiral Kranswar's daring operation led by Task Force Solaris to cripple the Chariots of Slaughter, and hunt down its master mind Lord Severin Drask has begun.
Desolator class battleship, the Relentless Ire leads the fleet.

Savage Squadron, Iconoclast destroyers flank the fleet.

Purgator Squadron, Idolator class raiders patrol and screen for the Crimson fleet.

Heartless Destroyer, Styx class and Helspite a Carnage class cruisers.

Black Death Squadron, Iconoclast destroyers as as fleet scouting craft.