Thursday, February 21, 2013

Daemons are coming! Khorney!!!!!!!

Thanks to Faeit 212, The covers are here, finally you can get a quick look at what these books are going to look like. Not only that, but look whats in the battleforce for Daemons.

40k Codex
Battalion Box

Fantasy Codex

 And in good sport and honor of more Daemon releases, here is what my palettes been working on.

Teaser Pic

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Clearing the Shelf with eBAY

Painted Ravenwing Army

1 Sammeal
1 Chaplain on a bike
3 attack bikes
3 land speeders
3x6 raven wing bike squads (including an apothocary and a banner)

Up for auction is my Imperial Guard and Chaso Space Marines force. This army cost over $500.00 and that doesnt include the man hours/labor costs to paint the army.

It includes:

1 chimera
1 leman Russ
1 Death Strike Missile

10 close combat cultists converted to use as penal legion
70 auto gun cultists in 2 squads of 35 (not all shown in picture)

1 dark vengeance Set;

1 commissar
1x6 chosen space marines
1 chaos lord
1 hellbrute

2 built forgeworld traitor guard bodies
9 more forgeworld traitor guard torsos to finish the veteran squad conversion
1 forgeworld hellblade used as a stand in for the hell drake dragon model.

resin bases

international shipping is based on buyer location

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

XM3v1 Leman Russ

So here is how my latest poison is shaping up. The Russ variant will be part of my Narmenian 1st Task Force. I wanted a different feel for their tanks; something to put them apart from the rest of my Krieg Armoured Force. I still need to do some rivet work and minor details before i paint. The overall scheme will come from 1914-1930 era French armor to give it the very different feel.

I wanted the whole conversion to very simple and believable. Something that the Narmenians could produce on their own and fast in the time of low armour numbers. As I said earlier a lot of inspiration comes from the Lee or Grant tank of ww2. I hope to hear what you guys think!!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

XM3 Leman Russ Project

Hey guys im thinking about adding a squadron of unique russ to my army for fun and wanted your guys take on my design sketch so far. Its inspired by the M3 grant or lee. I know its not the greatest tank but i love the look of it. It would be a simple battle cannon leman russ with a single lascannon on the turret and hull mounted battle cannon. Please let me know what you guys think maybe if anyone else has done similar let me know thanks guys.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

10k @ Mind Games

We all suited up for 10,000 points of Guard,Guard,Dark Angels and Tau VS. Tyranid, Orcs, Eldar and Necron. Thanks for playing guys it was a lot of fun. Even with Imotek beating our face into the ground still fun! Games are games!!!!!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Always working . . . . . . .