Tuesday, February 12, 2013

XM3v1 Leman Russ

So here is how my latest poison is shaping up. The Russ variant will be part of my Narmenian 1st Task Force. I wanted a different feel for their tanks; something to put them apart from the rest of my Krieg Armoured Force. I still need to do some rivet work and minor details before i paint. The overall scheme will come from 1914-1930 era French armor to give it the very different feel.

I wanted the whole conversion to very simple and believable. Something that the Narmenians could produce on their own and fast in the time of low armour numbers. As I said earlier a lot of inspiration comes from the Lee or Grant tank of ww2. I hope to hear what you guys think!!!!


  1. The tank you are holding up looks good, a Solid and interesting conversion. What worries me is the number of unpainted tanks in the background!

  2. The Lee/Grant matches the plans, kool. Looks good.

    But Holy Cow ! the background.........

  3. I really dig this! It is such a cool and simple look that it really works well.

  4. Nice! I loved the sketch you did and the model does not disappoint! I'm going to have to make one of those m'self. Inspiring stuff!

  5. This inspired me to do my own 'Russ hull on chimera side tracks conversion'. Mine sits much lower more like a Russian KV1. :)