Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Cyclops Cluster

The Cyclops Cluster is one of the most heavily industrialized sectors in the northern Imperium, featuring as it does within a single stellar volume two forge worlds as well as sixteen primary grade industrialized worlds and ninety-three distinct resource extraction zones. It is then unsurprising , given the Cyclops Cluster's economic output and therefore strategic importance, that its priority as a target for the Warmaster's overall attack was secondary only to the Manachean Commonwealth. Widespread human in-habitation of the cluster is however relatively recent, and owes its origins to the sixth decade of the Great Crusade when the hand of the Emperor himself is reputed to have determined the region as being suitable for mass exploration to further empower Imperial expansion. the Cyclops Cluster itself, while rich in minerals and ores, is however deficit in complex organics, with relatively few life-sustaining worlds among its stars.

Reluctantly, petty workers revolts were commonplace on outlying mining and extraction colonies long before the spectre of Horus' treachery was to rear its head, and as war was to come to the Cyclops Cluster, rebellions, secessionist movements and general outlawry became widespread.

Dark Haven

An anomaly in such a lifeless region as the Cyclops Cluster, Dark haven was a fecund world teeming with life before the coming of humanity, albeit an unusual one. A shadowed, twilight world circling its pale blue-white star at the very edge of its habitable zone, the planet was covered in a world-spanning forest of vast fungal and pseudo-coral growths which swallowed up every iota of light, casting the grey earth beneath them into shadow and even shrouding its cold seas in sunless deeps.

Game 1 - Deserted Landing Pad

1400pts Ultramarines and Solar Auxilia VS Death Guard

A small Imperial Task force has made planet fall, being spearheaded by the 89th Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion of the XIII Legion; The Ultramarines. The small task force has been ordered to survey the area for Traitor Forces and establish a physical communication line with the Knight House Orhlacc which calls Dark haven its home. The thick forest and vegatation life on Dark Haven has made for slow progress for the Imperial forces, but auxiliary scanners have shown what appears to be a small Imperial landing out post ahead.........
Ultramarine Deployment
Legion Champion spots the Death Guard
Death Guard Contemptor leads across the shallow creek.

The Death Guard weather enormous amounts of Sicaran fire on foot.

Combined fire from the Solar Auxilia Leman Russ support brings down the Land Raider Spartan
Constant but inaffective fire support provided by the Legion's Basilisk.

Surviving Death Guard Devastators take up a position on the abandoned landing pad