Tuesday, December 29, 2009

20k Apoc Game at Mind Games

Our local store Mind Games put together one of the first Apoc games all year. It was 20k Points, which placed the Imperium versus Tau, Nids and Chaos. Most of My Able Company joined the fight along with all my tanks and B Company Mortars.

The fight was great, when I showed up no one on the Imperial side had brought troops so my roommate fielded the 22nd Vostroyan Royal Rifle Regiment which consisted of:

22nd Vostroyan Royal Rifle Regiment

2x10 Veterans
1x10 Ratlings
3 Vanquishers
1 Leman Russ
1 Stormlord
1x3 Mortar Platoon
1 Hellhound
1 Ragnarok MKI (Leman Russ)
1 Valkerie
1 Vendetta
1 Bombard
1 Chimera
1 Basalisk

I was forced to bring out my Dark Angels to help our team. I fielded:

Dark Angels Task Force

1 Marine Battle Company (3rd Company)
2x10 Devastators (5th Company)
5x5 Assault Marines (Pulled from 9th and 4th Company)
15 Deathwing Terminators
3 Vindicators
2 Predators
10 Rhinos
3 Razorbacks
1x5 Scouts
1 Drop Pod
1 Thunderhawk Gunship

Consecrators Chapter
1 Predator

The rest of the Imperium fielded a few Land Raiders loaded with Salamanders and 2 basalisks and a few squadrons of Leman Russ' and a nicely painted Warhound Titan. The battle was 5 turns long which seemed awfully long when it wasnt our turn. Our objective was to hold the city and the big ruined chapel in the back we had dubbed the "alamo" we also had to sieze objectives place all over the board. The final turn caused the Titan to explode killing over 50 demons and genestealers. Although the Imperium lost it was alot of fun. The only objectives in the end were captured by the Dark Angels or contested by the Dark Angels but with the amount of enemies thrown at the Imperium we were unable to beat the total kill points of the Enemy team.
The MVP was probably the Stormlord from my roommates list that didnt move once but cut down about 4000 points of tyranid by itself.

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