Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sons of Medusa - Siege Assault Vanguard (FW list)


Siege Master + Rhino

Master of the Forge


2 Techmarines + Servitors

1x10 Sternguard


3x3 Siege Dreadnought Talon Squadrons

2x10 Tactical Squads + Siege Mantlets + 2 Land Raider Prometheus

1x10 Assault Squad

Heavy Support

1x3 Predator Squadrons

1x3 Whirlwnd Squadrons

1 Land Raider Helios

1 Land Raider Achilles

This list comes straight from the Imperial Armour Book 10: Badab War Part II. I have fluffed the list so that for the most part you can play some of the army in standard games but really I have made it so it fits perfect for friends and I to use in Apoc games. Hopefully one day I can post a full Badab war Post.

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