Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Exodites vs Necron 2k

A friendly game of Necrons vs Exodites. Set at 2k Josh played my Exodites for a win against Darin's Necrons last friday. This game had a lot of Exodite proxies as we make a list for the units I need to make for the army to play from the Eldar Codex. All in all it was a lot of fun to watch that night, hope you all enjoy the pictures.
Pathfinders deploy to provide cover fire through out the Dawn of war Scenario

The WraithHydra, Cave Prism and Stegadon Wave Serpeant show up on turn 2

Guardians on Cold Ones move to assist the Avatarsarus

Falcon Dragon drops off its Fire Dragons to counter the now deep striked Monolith

The Avatarsarus chews through some Necron warriors

The Seer Council beat down whats left of some Pretorains

The Avatarsarus chews through some more warriors before finally being brought down.

The Avatarsarus

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