Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dark Angels......Uh......I mean Blood Angels, wait!?

Hey all im pulling my trusty Angels army off the shelf now. Between my Guard, Exodites and Blood Ravens I dont see a whole lot of time for these guys in the future. The full list is a lot of fun, its total 6th edition allies army. The whole army is painted to play as a big Angels Sanquine Army. Enjoy everyone, the BA pics will be up soon too, and if your interested the two armies will be hitting ebay soon.

ebay :  Dark Angels Allies on ebay

Allied Force

Bike Squad 1, Fist + 2 Meltas

Count as Sammael

Bike Squad 2, Fist + 2 Meltas

At 2500pts you take:

Blood Angels Codex

Lib Terminator

2x5 Honor Guards

2 Lib Dreads

2x5 Sanquinary Guard Squads

Allies: Dark Angels Codex

Sammael in Land Speeder

1x5 Deathwing Terminators

2x3 Ravenwing Bike Squads w/Fists and Meltas

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