Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Mk 86-B

With the introduction of the Mk 86-B, Imperial kills began to mount up in Yaisdra IX PDF Air Force were on the rise. The main difference seen on the Mk 86 to the Mk 86-B is the internal avionics and additional hard points; sporting two pairs of 37mm Autocannons. As well as replacing the rear gunner with a targeting servitor to help increase the micro management of the fuel and radar tasks on board the Mk 86-B. Late in the winter campaign the Ork warboss' Bombing campaign reached an all time high; scoring devastating hits on the local forge plant producing the Mk 86-B. With the lack of resources and the war continuing on, the 1st Fighter Wing's 94th Fighter Squadron's stock of Mk 86-B became very low. Favoured among Flight Leaders the Mk 86-B slipped down to just a hand full and reserved for the few Aces of Yaisdra IX who had seen the grizzled fighting from the beginning.


  1. I'm so jealous! Those look really good, and the fluff is a nice piece as well.

  2. Impressive paintjob and nice fluff too. Good stuff

  3. Very nice. A little bit of reverse looting there. And cheaper than a ForgeWorld kit as well I imagine.