Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The New Guard or Astra Militarum

While I have been a guard player for over a decade and LOVE it. I do have to ask the question why is it that Games Workshop can't ever finish what they started. My example the hydra, while its a great new kit and more accessible than the Forgeworld model, GW decided to make it a duel kit; the other kit being the Wyvern. Ok cool so another artillery piece but GW hasn't even made models for any of the other pieces like the colossus and griffon or medusa. They simply changed the name of the FW model Bombard to colossus and expect us to shell out $300+ for a single heavy arty choice, or buy other FW models. Which is fine until you have the whole anti FW crowd. UGH! Anyway cool new guard stuff but please GW finish what you started instead of adding new stuff we have to scratch build for another two editions.

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