Sunday, September 14, 2014

Solar Auxilia

So the new forgeworld range they showcased at Open Day this year was to me; AWESOME! Its been a few year since anything new in the warhammer world left my mouth open and my bank account in pain. The new range is the Solar Auxilia which is FW's attempt to bring back the old Imperial Guard Regiments of our fond Rogue Trader days. Now they didnt follow a lot of ques from the old range, but in my opinion they made them perfect. It was just enough deep sea diver and space adventurer all rolled up into one. The vehicles look to be pretty cool too. Being a tank lover though I do wonder, in Rogue Trader guard players got Land Raiders and Rhinos but in a few of the following pics you can see Leman Russ turrets with strange barrels. So do we get russes or a new tank all together? Enjoy

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