Monday, October 27, 2014

Solar Auxilia Pt1 and Horus Heresy Book 4 "Conquest"

So I decided to jump start my Auxilia, because we all know waiting for a forgeworld order is like xmas at age 10 or waiting out labor for your first born child!!!!!!!!

Here is what we have learned. 

No new Legions. They fully intend to use this book as a catch up book and to release basic army lists for Mechanicum and Imperial Army. Eventually they may be Red Booked too. 

Full Solar Auxilia army list. But other options will be added to coincide with Battlefield specific forces such as Spireguard Army force and similar at Calth. The great thing about the new Imperial Army Solar Auxilia was the fact they can digitally sculpt one Soldier and subtly repose and not have any duplicates. So this will lead to one master 3d model for most imperial Army forces which they can make many variations there of. 

Questoris Knights army list. Including several new Houses with expanded fluff. 3 if I recall. 

Tool box to run large Campaigns. Legion Relic weapons and wargear, Loyalist and traitors. Design a sector and fight for it. Your Captain loses an arm; he loses an arm, he gets blessed or finds a relic blade; he gains a relic blade. Would love to have the ability to create an awesome set of characters which we can inevitably lose or die as circumstances dictate. A bit like Necromunda :)

Shattered Legion gaming option and rules to use them. This will be a lovely list. I hope being able to mix Legions together is available. 

New units for Legions. Talk of a new flier not based on the Storm Eagle chassis. 

Something buried beneath Isstvan 5. . . . Will come back. . . . . Or someone. . . This literally has me scratching my head. There was talk of Tomb complexes in Extermination but don't think it is Necrons. 

Next: Book 5 (and possibly 6). 
Calth, Shadow Crusade, underworld war might be 2 books. Well as my predictions went straight out of the window with it being more Alpha Legion for the Paramar V board and me thinking it would have been Dark Angels and Diamat. 
Ultramarines can't be alone though, maybe will see a split conflict. Not sure though. 

Dark Mechanicum based on extermination list but darker and early additions. 

Ordinatus will be done! They said big vehicles but I don't think a 7 Baneblade tracked vehicle is 28mm to be honest. Forge World are referring to their smaller engines and constructs. 

No new Primarch rules yet. 

Currently it's a one off book but may be a trilogy. 

Might release some more Shoulder Pads for unreleased Legions. This they hear a lot and some gamers may not want to wait much longer. To you that are on the 30k fence waiting; grab another Legion til your first choice comes out, like me I can't wait til the Rout. 

No plans for BFG. 

No Titans. More Knights though inc some which are new designs. No New Titans in this book but with 3D printing expect to see a few more Titan variants raising their heads from next year. 

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