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Warhammer Fest UK 2014

So here are the pics of the Warhammer fest 2014 in UK. Also at the bottom there is a large post, its copied from sources but it sums up the new Chaos Imperial Armour book ( so if you like the bad guys , its worth it otherwise its just chaos. FW showed off some new Reaver weapon options for the titans as well as stating the Tau would be receiving a new Super Heavy in the next year, so maybe awe can see a new Imperial Armour Tau book like Taros. Enjoy the pics and subscribe to my news letter at the top please. Dont forget to google plus "like" too. PS.looks like the russ is going to make a showing in the Horus Heresy ( see pics below)
Konrad Cruze


See the Russ!!!!!

Imperial Fists Vet Breachers

Reaver Chainfist

To add on to the previous poster:

From B&C (and originally from BoLS)

Details of IA13 are leaking out, thanks to Mr. Mystery on the BoLS Lounge. Here's what we've got so far (different quotes for different posts):

1. No, there are no Knights in it. Update - I spoke with the Forgeworld Knight Sculptor, Darren Parwood, about whether we might see Chaos Knights. Started off with 'I can't really talk about that', which became 'trouble is, boxed into a corner with the whole 'paragons and exemplars of Good', which turned into 'but never say never'. Make of that what you will. Just info, rather than something solid enough to become Rumour. Later conversation was about Mechanicum, and complimenting his work - he's keen to make the Dark Mechanicm even gribblier, taking the merely Darkly Gothic, and making it truly, mind numbingly horrifying, as the Adepts are no longer constrained by 'no'....
Right, here goes.....contents!

Chaos Astartes Battle Tanks
Chaos Predator Battle Tank
Chaos Infernal Relic Battle Tank (all the Heresy versions. Autocannon on that is AP3...)
Chaos Vindicator Siege Tank
Chaos Relican Sicaran Battle Tank

Chaos Astartes Assault Vehicles
Chaos Land Raider
Chaos Land Raider Proteus
Chaos Infernal Relic Land Raider Achilles (oh, and for every HP knocked off that? Bigdakkafourboom gains +1S, lowers the AP by 1 (unit entry oddly worded, but example given on Pp195), and adds -1 to enemy Pinning Tests, on top of it's base -1 for Shellshock. Example mentioned? 2 HP lost makes it S7, AP3, Pinning tests at -3...
Chaos Rhino Armoured Troop Carrier

Chaos Astartes Heavy Tanks
Chaos Fellblade Super-heavy Tank
Chaos Typhon Heavy Siege Tank
Chaos Spartan Assault Tank

Chaos Astartes Attack Craft
Chaos Fire Raptor Gunship
Chaos Thunderhawk Gunsip
Chaos Hellblade (Autocannon can be upgraded to Heavy 3, Rending which I think is new? Oh, and at the start of play, you can nominate a Flyer or Flying Monstrous Creature or Gargantuan Flappy Nasty, including those in reserve. When making AP rolls or To Wound against the chosen model, 1's can be re-rolled. Which is pretty ************ if you ask me)
Chaos Hell Talon (Again, Autocannon can be souped up)
Chaos Dreadclaw Drop Pod (does what it does. Has Assault Vehicle, and Frag Launchers. And does burninating when zipping about)
Chaos Kharybdis Assault Cloaw (biggerer version of the Dreadclaw)

Chaos Dreadnoughts & Helbrutes
Ferrum Infernus Chaos Dreadnought (Daemon Prince waiting to happen, for 25 points)
Emperor's Children Sonic Dreadnought (Warp Amp doubles the shots of it's Sonic weapons if it remains stationary in a turn, and can give all sonic weapons Rending at the price of Gets Hot!)
Chaos Contemptor Dreadnought

Daemon Engines
The Machine Daemonica (fluff stuff, but reading through the contents as printed to avoid missing gubbins off)
Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne
Blood Slaughterer of Khorne
Chaos Rapier Weapons Carrier
Chaos Decimator
Blight Drones
Plague Hulk of Nurgle

Chaos Titans
Chaos Reaver Battle Titan
Chaos Warhound Titan

Renegades and Heretics
Full army list and that.

Appendix I - Legacies of Ruin ( I assume the Rites of War equivalent, but see below *)
Appendix II - Special Rules
- Vehicle Summary
- Weapons Summary
Appendix III: Lords of the Abyss (honking geet Daemons

There, that's what's in it.

*I'm not presently up to date on my IA collection, so sadly I can't say if something has been nerfed, buffed, zerged, zomg'd, buggered, petted, polished or pooped on. All I can give is the rule, and my opinion on it based on what is in front of me. Nor can I go comparing across Loyalist stuff, except using HH Vol 1, which may not be a fair comparison, as I don't have the Loyalist books for a three way (oooer!) comparison.

Pick of the book for me, based on what I've read so far.....

Hell Talon and Hell Blade. Not only am I a sucker for Flyers, not only are they really nice models, but they have an X-Wing style Barrel Roll in the shape of 'Baleful Aberration'....

Tainted by the vile rites performed during it's creation, this vehicle is a wound in the fabric of reality and it's presence is accompanied by visual and auditory hallucinations, as well as atmospheric disturbances, darkening the very skies as it passes. A vehicle with this special rule gains a 5+ Invulnerable Save and during the Movement Phase, before the vehicle is moved, it may be repositioned D6+2" in any direction (but may not change it's current facing, or be repositioned over another model or its base
Ace rule - though a bit concerned by the lack of 'up to' on the D6+2"....
Legacies of Ruin anyone? I shan't post points in line with posting rules. I don't want anyone to get into troub (especially me)

Veteran of the Scouring
Any Tank or Super Heavy (sep costs) - It Will Not Die, and Preferred Enemy (Space Marines). Can be taken by a CSM Walker or Super-heavy Walker - It Will Not Die, Hatred (SM)

War within the Eye
Tank and Supes (sep costs) - Adamantium Will, Preferred Enemy (CSM). Walker or Supe Walker - Adamantium Will, Hated (CSM)

Maelstrom Rider (I likes this one!)
Vehicle or Supes - Outflank and Fear

Death of Kasyr Lutien
Vehicle or Supes - Fear, and any friendly Malific powers cast within 12" can re-roll one D6 for each remaining Hull Point

Blood of Mackan
Tank or Supes - Preferred Enemy (Blood Angels), Defence Lines and Barricades do not count as Dangerous Terrain. If fitted with Destroyer Blades, when Tank Shocking, and after Death or Glorying, gains AP equal to it's remaining Hull Points (in excess of 6 being - instead)

Siege of Vraks
Vehicle or Supes - Ignores Dangerous Terrain damage on a 4+, and re=roll failed To Hits against targets located in Defence Lines

Fourth Quadrant Rebellion
Vehicles and Supes - Friendly units of Cultists within 12" are Fearless, and when down to it's last Hull Point, gets a 4+ Invulnerable

Badab Uprising
Tank and Supes - Fear and Preferred Enemy (SM). Walkers and Supe Walkers - Rage and Hatred (CSM)

Scourge of the Greenskins
Tanks only - extra D6" when Tank Shocking, and Preferred Enemy (Orks)

Last of the Forge
Vehicle with Transport Capacity only - Stunned and Shaken ignored on a 4+ (hull points lost as normal), Preferred Enemy (Tyranids), and transported unit gains Hatred (Tyranids)....*cough Kharybdis cough*

Screams of Lugganath
Vehicle or Supes - When attacked by Eldar, has Fear, and if equipped with a Dirge Caster, increases the range of it by 12"

Perdus Rift Anamoly
Vehicles and Supes - If deployed (as in, on the board, not held in reserves) at the beginning of the game, you can re-roll to seize the initiative, Preferred Enemy (Tau)

1st War for Armageddon
Vehicle or Supes - Daemonic Saves made within 6" improve by 1, to a max of 2+, and has Fear when attacked by Astra Militarum Forces

(almost there! Stay on target!)

Vessel of Akashneth of the Boiling Brass
Vehicle or Supes - Fear, and friendly units with an Icon of Wrath within 12" count as having inflicted an additional D3 wounds for the purposes of working out who wins an assault, (also counts as Daemonic Possession as per CSM book)

Vessel of Shyak The Seeker
Vehicle or Supes - Fear, enemy units within 12" of an Icon of Excess roll an additional D6 and discard the lowest on ANY Leadership based test (emphasis mine) (also counts as Daemonic Possession as per CSM book)

Vessel of Dhornurgh The Reborn
Vehicles and Supes - Fear, all friendly units within 6" with the Icon of Despair have the Gets Hot! and Rending special rules in HTH (also counts as Daemonic Possession as per CSM book)

Vessel of Tzenahk the Occluder
Vehicle and Supes - Fear. At the beginning of the game, roll a D6... 1. If this vehicle is destroyed, opponent bags an extra VP. 2-6. If it survives, you get an additional D3 VPs. (also counts as Daemonic Possession as per CSM book)

Auloth the Primordial Iterator
Vehicle and Supes - Fear, all weapons gain Pinning. All friendly units within 12" have the Fear and FnP special rules (also counts as Daemonic Possession as per CSM book)
In response to a questions about which Lords of War the Lost & the Damned army list could take:

Depends which God you follow, and who your Bossman is....

All get - Malcador, Malador Defender, Minotaur and Bandblades.

Demagogue Devotions open up...

The Bloody Handed Reaver
Lord of Skulls
Greater Brass Scorpion

Primaris-rogue Witch
All for of the big Daemons, but no more than 25% of your army's total points

Mutant Overlord
Giant Chaos Spawn
Spined Chaos Beast
Both are 1-3 per choice, but no mixy-matchy.

Master of the Horde

Arch-heretic Revolutionary
Macharius Heavy Tank
Macharius Vanquisher
Macharius Vulcan
Macharius Omega (IA Vol 1, 2nd Ed)

Heretek Magus (yep, you read that right!)
Valdor Tank Hnt (IA Vol 1, 2nd Ed)
Chaos Warhound
Chaos Reaver
Greater Brass Scorpion
He also detailed out that "Daemon Prince waiting to happen" Dreadnought in a different thread:

LOTS of special rules.....


Command Net Vox

Sub-flak Armour (6+ sv)

Chaos Sigil (ignore first failed Morale or Pinning test each game turn

Combat Drug Injectors - activate on charge. gains Rage, but T test at end of combat or remove D3 models, no saves at all at all.

Banner of Hate - All infantry from same Primary detachment with one or more models (Clarity!) within 12" roll 3D6 for Pinning and Morale, discarding the lowest

Banner of the Apostate - +1 to combat score, not cumulative with each other

Army Special Rules

Uncertain Worth - Random Ld - D6+4, roll when it's first used (sticks for the rest of the game, usual modifiers apply)

Curse of Mutation - before deployment, D6. 1-2, Fear and all friendly units without Curse of Mutation rule -1 Ld when within 6". 3-4, Unnatural Sense. Acute Senses and Scout, but count all Blast, Barrage and Heavy Weapons as having the Blind Special Rule. 5-6, Horns, Claws and Fangs. Hammer of Wrath, HoW +1 S, but must always declare a charge in any friendly assault phase when enemy are within 12". If multiple qualifying units, you get to choose who you declare the charge against.

Chaos Covenant (hold onto your pants, and grab the Kleenex....)
Renegades and Heretics with this may select one of the following.
Khorne - Any unit with at least one model with this re-roll ALL failed to wound in the first round of any Close Combat
Nurgle - As above, but FnP 6+
Slaanesh - As above, Fleet
Tzeentch - As above, but BS2(!) Snap Shots......

When determining Ld for Uncertain Worth, roll an additional D6 and ditch the lowest.

Aura of the Witch
Unit must be modelled with a pointy hat, a Parsnip nose, and a Wart. Gains 5+ Invulnerable save, and Fear, but cannot join another unit, or be the Warlord. Part of this listing is untrue. Can you spots it?
So...I'm gonna explode from excitement here. Anyone else?

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