Monday, February 1, 2016

Sanctus Reach: Air War - 1

Even as the Ork rust-ships fell like comets through the atmosphere, Castellan Stien threw squadrons of fighters against them n an attempt to knock them from the sky. From the ground, the Cadians and their task force could only watch as contrails wove between the enemy ships high in the upper atmosphere. What looked like a slow ballet of smoke and flame from the ground was a frenzied dogfight up close as Imperial fighters twisted and tumbled in aerial combat against Ork Dakkajets, their weapons leaving burning tracer fire in the thin air. Hopelessly outnumbered, the Imperial fighters were sent spiraling toward the earth one by one, their weapons no match for the brutal power of the Ork assault.

(The rules used were from Games Workshop "Death from the Skies" supplemental book.)

Da Blak Buran swoops into a head on with an Imperial fighter.

Blue Funda spots an Imperial recon vehicle.

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