Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sanctus Reach: The Knights and Task Force Dragoon Strike Back - Mission 2

The Red Waaagh! has smashed into Alaric Prime and dealt the Imperial Guard defenders a reeling blow. The knights of three noble houses, keen to begin the hunt, launch a devastating counter-attack joining the Task Force Dragoon against the greenskin horde. The Knights hope to drive the Orks from their world in a single glorious charge, but their momentum falters, they could find themselves and Task Force Dragoon cut off and surrounded.

Orks lay in waiting to ambush the Imperial Guard column sent to help the cut off Cadians.

Cadian survivors load up in the most welcomed relief of Task Force Dragoons Chimeras.

"Spida kan Spida Kan, does whatever a Spida Kan does...."

The northern flank of the Imperial Guard erupts as Orks ambush!

Imperial Guard Air Support arrives just in time!

Big Boom! as the Ork battlewagon speeds in and rams the escaping chimera causing it to explode.

The once well equipped relief force of Task Force Dragoon is reduced to shambles as they survive the Ork ambush, but at a high price.............

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